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PHOX News - MP Yamfam & Mina West

Both:     Breaking news

MP:        A black man shot a police officer after an armed robbery went wrong

MW:      Yea, that’s ok but I don’t feel like the headline is strong

Make the black man a thug, with a history of gang related crime

Been in out and out of prison, where he’s done a bit of time

MP:        Let’s add a dash of spice

Make his vice be Allah

And before he pulled the trigger, a witness claims heard him say Allahu’akbar

MW:      We don’t need to include that the police man came out of an armed van

                Acting all high and mighty with false accusation and demands

Commands him to pull over, because of the tread depth of his tyre

But really because of his deadly melanin attire

MP:        It was Officer Jones who’s quite well known for racial profiling

Happy slapping blacks, hands up, lay down, face down, show me your back, PAT, bullet in the back, pat pat three bullets in back, yet another body count for Officer Jones

But before he goes… crack in the back pocket, gun by the right hand, shot himself in the leg

Framing the black man, Officer down! Officer down! Shots have been fired! Suspect shot me

In the leg, I had to return fire!

MW:      Never asked for his name, name unknown

Never been arrested but criminal in the media is what will be shown

                Never make the black man sound, civil, educated basically human

MP:        Give him animalistic traits, untermunschen Nazi for Subhuman

Infiltrate his personal life, demonize his wife

Radicalise his family, with paraphernalia and weapons

MW:      I reckon this will go down well with our readers, who already follow the stereotype that black men are gang members and drug dealers

MP:        Turn this lovely churchgoer into public enemy no.1

Make this devout father, neglect his son

He did not pay his parking ticket on time, so describe him as a vigilante on the run

Both:     Ooo I love my job when it is this much fun



Yes we are the media

we set the rules

We know the story

You read the news

We re-write history

Keep out that truth

If it doesn’t meet our agenda

We won’t include


So this will be the headline the people will take in


Play the black man as the demon


So the system always wins


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