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Daddy's Sip of Beer | Mina West



A little secret from my mum

That she never really was aware of

Because I never dared to share was

Daddy gave me a sip of beer when I was young

There’s me drinking in naively to think that there was nothing wrong

Had me thinking that his drinking made him strong

All the adults drank the drink

So to be matured I went along

Like that saying parents say “to be big and tall children eat your peas”

So every opportunity I could seize

I took a sip of Daddy’s beer

Pulled a silly face to show I didn’t like the taste

Daddy’s little girl he would tease,

But to tell the truth the taste left me feeling kind of pleased


And Daddy drank his beer when I was

He drank so much I thought it looked kind of fun

He never looked that happy coming in from work

Even after offering him some of my ice cream dessert

See ice cream always made me happy

But the drink was like his magic potion

A spell that went into his body

Stapled on his cheeks and made him smile

And not in any ordinary kind of style

The I’m on top of the world

Like the I can do anything I want

Like I can kick that ball better than Beckham

But I reckoned – it was just his old age

Him going through that mid-life crisis stage

But sometimes this magic potion will change into poison

So when it came between the choice of alcohol or family

Family was always chosen

Every night Mum will hope for a better day

Sometimes get the guts and say

In my house those drinks can’t stay

But Daddy didn’t listen anyway

So she will pray to the God above to hope he’ll change

She saw it as a shame to end a family home and let drink me the blame

And in all honesty

She felt her children needed a father

And she didn’t think she could cope being alone

And so things just stay the same


And …..

Daddy drank his beer when I was young

And because he’d have more than just the one

A change in his attitude was made

And he put on a scene that look like a mad ass parade

But there was no laughter or song in this one

Except the game of charades

And the answer being run run run

The sound of the shouting and yelling

Had my neighbours, aunties, uncles, some random dude down the street

Coming in all crowding

Nosing into my business

Wanting to get the gossip

Disguising it as help 

What a lot of fakes I felt

But for me it was really the pounding

That touched my thoughts and made me hate my surroundings

And all that crap of me believing of

Daddy giving me a sip of beer when I was young

Was just a trap

His way of deceiving


Remember in the beginning

That secret from my mum

Of Daddy giving me a sip of beer when I was young

Well I stopped taking little sips

Yes I saw how it destroyed with each little drip

The illusion of my perfect family

All a delusion now I can admit

The real secret being that

It was all a cover up

It was all a con

Covering up my reality


Of my daddy’s drinking problem


Mina West



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