Mina West

Debut EP coming soon ...

  Mina West performing at Soul food Poetry Night

  Mina West performing at Soul food Poetry Night

Mina West is an up-and-coming spoken word artist from North London, best known for her vulnerable but raw powerful style that captivates an audience with a simple sequence of words. Born and raised in London by her Nigerian single mother, at a young age she witnessed many hurdles and difficulties, which led her to write poetry where she found solitude and peace.

Award-Winning Poet (UK Entertainment Awards 2016), who has performed at various shows from Youtube UK Spaces to Black Magic Awards and has run workshops for young teens to encourage self-love.

In 2018 Mina will be releasing her debut Spoken Word EP, that gives a deeper insight into her world. The EP will touch on subjects such as relationships, family, spirituality and take you through an emotional rollercoaster of self-discovery.

Mina is constantly fuelled by the famous line “Tomorrow’s never promised”, so she aims to give her best shot – every chance she gets.


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