Mina West

"Poetry kind to the ears, but pricks the Soul ..."

Let's Be Honest

It starts of as a gentle kiss

Then all of a sudden you’re doing more sins

Than you wish to list

Holy I try my best to remain

But now our bodies mixed up

In an ungodly strain

And my brains fighting with itself

Trying to reject his frame

But his touch makes me neglect

The holy thoughts I’ve trained

The sexual thoughts I’ve tamed

My heads going round in circles

Playing out like I’m insane

Do my best to contain my emotions

And refrain from his touch

That my flesh aims for so much

But my flesh is weak

and now I feel stained

Putting myself in a position, where

All i feel is shame

My head feels with pain

My heart takes the blame

Doing this with a guy and i don’t have his last name

Wondering why i keep playing this game

I Need to get out and walk down the righteous lane

Then i repeat

"Righteous lane"

And then think

Let’s be honest

Now that sounds lame


Because i ask myself

How good of a Christian girl am I

If I keep falling for the desire

Of a touch from a guy

So to my friends I lie

Because I’m ashamed

To admit I’m imprisoned by this

And in secret I cry

Constantly questioning myself


Man why?


At home I pray

Partly because I feel guilty

For going astray

Knowing my Lord is a Lord of forgiveness

So I put my hands together and say

Lord forgive me

For I not know what I have done

And I hear his voice speak back to me

let’s be honest hun

And I’m thinking crap

He really wants to go there?

God see I don’t know if we should go there

Because then I’d have to admit

My body actually enjoyed

Going there

And he said

I created you woman

To know the pleasure of a man

So no need to hide

Because I understand

But understand This

You’re not going to be subject to the enemy’s demise

Filled up with wrongful soul ties, and lies

That that dumb devil tries

I’ve ordained u for greatness

Don’t get mixed up in the devils

Substitute for love which is faithless

A life filled with fake-ness

Your body is a temple

Yes this means its needs to be respected and kept

Not swept and swayed

Into different situations and occasions

Where I did not place u

Yes the enemy knows your scent

So he can trace you

He’s trying to make your flesh trump your spirit

And yh - he can tell the difference between you saying "I know the body of Christ"

To you actually living and believing in it

So in this spiritual warfare

I need u physically and emotionally fit

This means you cannot easily slip

Unto the wrong man’s lips


That’s why I put this condition in place

When u feel weak

Come I will strengthen you with my love and my grace

I wish for u to wait

And not give any man the keys to your gate

Until I instruct and state

That this man is your mate


I don’t do this to harm u

I do this to arm u from being in prison

To alarm u from the sinful decisions

I do this for you

Time to shift your hearts desires unto something new

And not feel heavy burden by the laws of what not to do

But to be under the covenant of my mercy and grace

In happiness, joyous and strong

Because u know what’s true

I do this because I have so much love for u

I want more for u

I want it all for u

You couldn’t even imagine what I’ve got stored for u

But first i need u to be sure

And want more of me

Seek me first whole heartedly

So when i finally bring your husband its clear to see

And there won’t be any confusion

On who this man could be

Are u finally understanding me?


Let’s be honest

The reason why u keep falling into that trap of lust

Because somewhere deep in your heart for me there’s a lack of trust


"Well God spoke to me"


And then in that moment

I finally sussed it out

You know when you finally clock something

And you just want to scream and shout

God gave me this revelation

No I’m not under condemnation

He gave me this conviction

To break the chains of sins restrictions

I'm free

See on the cross

Christ paid the cost

No need to feel guilty,

I know I am forgiven

But I first need to repent

And make a choice on the life I’m living

Is it a life of sinning?

Or a life of winning

And the only way I can achieve that

Is if i come with an open heart that’s willing

To depart from this worlds ways

I said depart from this worlds ways

And start hearing what God says

To embark on a life with him

Abide in him

Constantly ride with him

So Lord God I choose to do that

for the rest of my days.


Mina West


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