Mina West

"Poetry kind to the ears, but pricks the Soul ..."

Kyla's Diary - Inspired by movie A Silent Night

On that silent night

My mother had to flight or fight

No more time for fun and play

Poverty had made its way

To stay

And as much as we tried

This is something we could not delay

We would hold a brave face

Saying that everything was okay

But there was a change

And i wished for us to remain the same

Happy with new outfits and the latest games

But now the thought of filling out new clothes

Was insane

Because we couldn’t even fill out our stomachs


“Mummy i’m hungry”

I could see the guilt on my mother’s face

With that one simple line

My brother swore things will be just fine

But the sight on my mother's face

Left a trace of a woman now broken

Mother tried to deny

But her eyes were bloodshot from her cries

That she’d slide away and hide from us

Wishing she could confide in us

But I couldn’t deny it was a terrible ride for us


School was hard and is still

I’ve learnt to drill out the thoughts

That I can live the same life

As ,everybody else in school

Learning that money

Doesn't always equate to cool

My older brother is living proof

That regardless of our situation we can still rule

Or at least try too ...


Mother said please behave

And we would cave at the thought of upsetting her

There was no father figure in our household

So brother figured he’d assume role.

He makes me follow the rules

Even though he follows his own

I may moan

But with him I know I’m never alone


Even in those silent nights at home

Mina West x


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