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Whisper: words i speak privately


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About The Book

“Whisper: Words I Speak Privately” is an empowering collection of poetry, that depicts an intimate journey of finding your voice through self-reflection and a love for poetry. The collection is divided into three sections Whisper, Venting and Chant and explores how one can be vulnerable, but still grow in confidence ‘once a whisper now a chant’. Themes that run through this book are; heartbreak, love, relationships, empowerment and the author's personal connection with God. 


Messages within the poems encourage us to go through our own self-discovery journey, pull out the inner voice we keep suppressing and let it out in a beautiful, joyful chant.

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Supporting Women & Young Girls

With each purchase of the book within its first year of release 10% will be donated to Courageous Sisters Organisation.

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