Money (Rant) | Benjamin Zephaniah

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Benjamin Zephaniah is a living legend on the poetry scene, a well known figure in contemporary English literature and one of my huge inspirations and personal mentors in life. On his website he is described as a poet, writer, lyricist, musician and TROUBLE MAKER. Now let me focus on the “Trouble Maker” aspect, when listening to Mr. Zephaniah’s poetry you cannot escape from looking at the world we live in, through conscious eyes.

The reason why I have chosen to speak on the poem “Money” today, because as I grow older and take on more responsibilities it’s a theme that plays a heavy part in my life. I truly believe that the “love” of money is the root of all evil, and this poem reflects the type of character it can bring out in people. “Money can make you see things superficially, life is lived very artificially”, now I’m not saying money is bad, but the love for it is crazy, Benjamin through his poetry list out different relatable scenarios in which money interferes with a person, how they interact with others and their own state of mind.

When you are living in “middle class” UK, It’s easy to see the issue of “money” separate from yourself, I’m not rich and I’m not poor. But in reality that is not true, when you look at it from the spectrum of the whole wide world, I’m pretty rich - so why is it then I still want more money to satisfy my needs? This poem inspires me, because not only does it make me look at the world I’m in, but it also makes me look at my own actions on what part I play and how money affects me.

The love of money aims to control, it makes people do crazy things … listen to the poem open your third eye x

Mina West x

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