Love Sick | Mina West

So everyone has a Love Poem, and this one just happens to be mine. To be really really honest to the readers, I didn’t want to share this poem - I think it’s a little corny because it’s a dream world. When I wrote this I was not Love Sick, actually I was coming out of bad “situationship” - when I say Idris Elba was my muse, he really WAS :), I was imaging what it would be like to be with a younger version of him.

But on a real note, Love Sick displays the feelings a girl feels when she is completely smitten with a guy, we’ve all been there where everything that guy does is just perfect. And this poem also reminds me of what I look for in a partner, now he doesn’t have to be “dark, handsome & tall” but it does help ;), but I do have to know with him there is growth spiritually and mentally and feel confident that he will support me. I sound happy in this poem, because it takes me back to that happy joyful feeling of being in Love. I display love as an illness on purpose, when your ill it takes over your immune system similar to love - when you are in “love” everything around you is just different, your mood shifts.

I like to bring my personality into my tone as well and into the lines - “ring on this particular finger”, well in due time there will be :D But through all my love spell that I’m in, I’m still realistic, remembering not to base my whole life on a guy until marriage. I’ll stay being Love Sick in the meantime x

I love love love this instrumental, make sure you check out the producer @LaybackThought

can you blame me, writing on a poem based on him ....


He’s mapped me out
trapped me in
I guessed to say he’s in my heart
when he's around
I even forget my own skin
I’m so taken in
by his loving
I let him be deeper than
Any man's ever been
I meant the way he reads my brain
and how are long conversations always seem to entertain me
I might be going mad dreaming one day sharing the same name
but you see I heard love drives you crazy
I guess I’m turning insane
If love means being deranged
then deranged i will be
see when he's near in my heart
there is a constant
ba-beat ba-beat ba-beat
sound beating at me
see he tops it all
tick tick tick
on that list of husband potential
Yes he’s dark
trust me in those places no way is man tall
But that is not the reason why I have fallen for him
See he won my heart the moment his personality was shown in him
And I have personally grown so much since he's been known to me
we have this deep connection
on a higher level
I didn’t know could be achieved with another individual
you can ridicule, how much I’m into him if you wish
call me that love sick full as a diss
Dish out insults, see insults I’ll just twist
into compliments because you are just a little jealous on how you are missing out on all of this
But one day
you will receive this gift
I call
Love Sick

The only kind of sickness
that people try and catch
Because if you're honest to yourself
you will know what to do
if you look deep, deep, deep, deep, deep
into his eyes
it should if he is one of those in outs then off he goes guys
or the right man for you
I like that guy who makes me feel
just like Miss Keys
He gives me butterflies
Got me flyin so high in the sky
when I receive a hug
or a simple touch
or when he play fights and how he tease me
or he gets all romantic and it's chocolate covered strawberries he feeds me
and at times
me and him can get so angry with each other
but he does everything in his power just to please me

With him I actually understand the saying
you make me weak, you make me weak to my knees
when love songs are played I actually understand what it means

and funny thing is,
I don’t tell him any of this
From previous bad relationships
I’d rather my heart stay at a distance
because at any instance
it could end like a kiss
yeah when you're in it
it will feel so good
but when you're done
its his kiss you will miss.

So I do the
Play it mean
to keep him keen
but this scheme
Just seems
So obscene
Because I’ve got this wonderful reality
and I play it out like it's nothing but a dream

Maybe it’s time for me to wake up
He think’s I’m soo beautiful
He likes me with no makeup
I personally think
he’s blind
or acting way to kind
but whatever I think
it don’t matter
see he don’t mind
because I’m his
and yes he’s mind
and in due time
there will be a ring on this particular finger
I don’t tell him this straight up
I don’t want to scare the guy
Instead I give him little hints to let that idea in his head linger

Yes I know, I can put insurance on my phone and my laptop and my car,
encase they was to break down
but if this relationship was to break down
then it's my heart that will have to ensure and endure that injury and that misery
so I can’t base the rest of my life around him
I wouldn’t advise any girl to do that
Until that idea of marriage
Is written down on that legal document as fact
Just because I’m with him don’t think it’s common sense that I lack

But for now
I am with him
and so this illness will stick
Because he makes me
Love Sick x


  1. ur so talented and we have the same last name :)

    1. really appreciate that you had a listen to it - more coming soon :)

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