Beautiful Me | Nego True (Ft. Nia Ekanem)

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I write about artist who inspire me on purpose, to remind myself why I love spoken word. I wish I could write out my “silent moment”, because I had to take a step back and think about how am I going to write about this piece. This piece by Nego True is one of my favourites of his because the level of personal and vulnerability in this was powerful. Complemented by the wonderful sounds of Nia Ekanem, Nego True sets a tone and reveals a part of himself to the listener.

Beautiful Me takes you along on a journey, and throughout makes references to trials he has faced, and what he has been through. All his poems amaze me, but I feel Beautiful Me gives you a deeper understanding on his character and a route to where his inspiration comes from. Lines like “Don’t confuse image for success”, really hit home for me. It's easy to get wrapped up in what the next man is doing, but there is a level of persistence, determination and drive needed to pursue “the dream”, and even if that image reflects success it’s never the full picture. Nego True repeats this line in a number of his poems “Everyone wants bring ins”, in my understanding he has a heart in which he wants to help people who he holds close to him “my biggest fear is I can’t save everyone”, but in reality you can’t please everyone.

Different series of events in his life that is touched on through his lyrics and the visuals of his poem, and he admits “these poems are my tears”, it’s like a page ripped from diary which is so touching you can’t help but feel connected in that moment as you are listening.

I find his pieces also very inspirational, I really love the line “Don’t let victory defeat you”, it’s clear instructions to keep going no matter what your status is.

And that’s why this piece inspires me.

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