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Well HAPPY NEW YEAR YEAR :D - one month late, but you get the sentiment of it :). This is the first inspo/blog post of the New Year, and I wanted this to be based on an artist that came to my attention after the Christmas period. January I spent a lot of time reflecting on “what is my art saying?” and how is it a reflection of me, and I felt this particular piece really spoke to me.
The title alone drew me in “Too Creative”, I wanted to understand Propaganda’s perspective on what too creative is. He has a free spirited style aura in his performance, and I felt he was a character that was unapologetic in who he is and what he stands for - I couldn’t help but admire and desire an urge to aspire to that (random rhyme). To me his spoken word piece was a seminar on learning to be comfortable with who you are, and not allowing what seems right mould you, but being true to what your truth is. Through his piece he clearly states that he is a believer of Christ, which is his Most High - But I don’t feel in the poem he is preaching to the non-believer, rather he is speaking to the “believer”. The poem is styled as a response to a statement that someone had said to him “recently told I was too creative … the peace we are trying to reach, wouldn’t understand your speech”, and he simply responds with I’m sorry I’m just not afraid of heights (that made me laugh a little bit), and makes references on how Christ mixed spit with mud, and that he gets his creativity from his Father (click clicks).
He is very bold in his statements, one line that stood out to me is the thing he is most terrified of is ‘wasting time’. This message resonates with me so much, because it was not too long ago when I was in a period of “wasting time” - this was the spoken word I needed to hear - this is a statement on how I want the rest of this year to go - Being too creative, to the point when it's my skin, not being ashamed and feeling free.

This is why Propaganda inspires me x

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