Vocab | Black Ice

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Black Ice delivers his poetry with a profound and authoritative tone, such in a way that you cannot escape it. Black Ice is a clear legend in the poetry game, I have listened to a couple of his pieces from DefJam Poetry days which have all been amazing. This piece was particularly inspiring to me, because I felt it spoke to my inner consciousness, and I also felt like I got some insight on the motion on how he writes his poetry. When you listen to Vocab, it’s clear that he is referring to a different being/spirit/awareness of self, and he is challenging your consciousness to awaken and realise its potential outside its “comfort zone”. Within the poem he states “the audacity to hope for greater things”, forcing one to think what inside me can grow? I loved the line “this gift of words, makes me X-man”, showing that our gifts holds power - makes me think you are only weak when you do not come to that realisation.

There was loads of lines that I loved in this piece, that also inspired me creatively is, but one line in particular was “I can move boulders with my higher self …. I am God extension, the manifest of conscious spirit in flesh ever evolving”. Whatever anyone chooses to believe, a God is undeniable, and there is a spirit within us - and I believe for growth we should tap into that. So that it can manifest out of us, and the presence of it magnify on our lives.

That’s my interpretation of the piece :)

Mina West x

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