The Floacist Presents FLO-Versary

EVERY 1ST Tuesday of Every month

“FLO has been in my spirit for a few years now. I have known that I must manifest a space within which many can come and share” The Floacist.

If you are a lover of spoken word or just the art of lyrics in general, then the FLO-votex is an event you cannot afford to miss. Tuesday 3rd Nov 2015 was the 1 year anniversary of Flo (FLO-Versary), and the talent on the mic was phenomenal. Being a spoken word artist, the reason why I love the votext so much, is because it energises me creatively and consistently taps into an area of my soul that urges me to write. Background around FLO, it is a space where artist come to present their pieces, FLO is all words no instruments or backing tracks - so the audience are focused on your words alone.

The event is run by a woman who is beautiful inside and out, and has inspired me and many, since the days of me singing to myself in the mirror saying “All you gotta do is say yes”, Floacist from Floetry (Natalie Stewart), her mission is to provide a platform to express the uncensored and uninterrupted continual flow of consciousness which is our natural state of being. To achieve this there is no ‘host’ aspect to the night, as that would break the flow stream, and it creates more room for the word.

The night had so many amazing artist grace the mic, I’m a little bit of a grandma so I did have to leave earlier. But what I did witness was just beautiful. Overall 40 POETS entered the Votex - it was a great night. Below are names of some of the acts, if you get a chance I suggest you go listen to their work :)

Poets @FLO-Versary
Uncle K, Kabaka, Gemma Weekes, Terri Walker, Tony Supreme, Mina West :p, Oneness, Abu Yilla, Inka, Itu, Leah, Diggz, Indii, Nekitta, Yvonne Akeeba, Lady Rhymes, Darwood, Eklipse, JJ Soulx & Demi Ma, Magero, Nefertiti, LionHeart, AfrikanBoy, TannyTou, GhettoGeek, Moak, Jolade, JonziD, KEV, Ryan Nicole, Buki, JusticeLyric, Kush, Samuel King, Just Jumi, Martz,

FLO celebrates both the art of the spoken word – evocation, performance and delivery, as well as the inspirational art of observation and listening. The rules are simple, each poet states their name to begin performs their piece (one per poet) and states their name to end.

YOU want to go? Details below;

Juno Bar 134-135 Shoreditch High Street London E1 6JE

If you would like to perform your poetry on the night please email with an example of your work and someone will get back to you with confirmation of your slot.

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