Rhema Arts UK - Launch Event

On 9th September, Rhema Arts UK held their first event which was the launch of something amazing. The show stayed true to its mission which was too move and ignite the audience to go out and use their talents to spread the gospel. The talent on the night was really inspiring, each bringing their own distinctive style in an entertaining format. If you didn’t get a chance to be at the show, you can still watch it at link below;

Starting with great host Kashif Jones and Izzie keeping the crowd excited for the show ahead.

The first act of the night was Sharlene Monique, using movement to express her love of the good news :)

Christine Joda was next on stage, using her voice - a beautiful God given instrument to capture the audience.

The Rhema poets (which I was really blessed to be part of :)) performed 3 separate pieces on the night. Sharing story on a journey to Christ, and the different battles we all as human's go through.

Ezra Collective, my personal favourite of the night. Suggest you go google them, and you will know why :)

The very talented and inspirational rapper Triple O also graced the stage.

Rich James Butt touched on the sensitive issue of mental depression, I feel he tackled it through his music in a very beautiful manner x

Artist Mary Osinibi also used her artistic talents on the night, and produced a spontaneous piece of art to capture the night.

Overall the night was a HUGE success, big congrats to the co-founders Ruth & Toyosi (TJ), and the Rhema team. Excited for their what they have in store for the future - for more information on Rhema check out http://www.rhemaarts.uk

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