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Somewhere there is a poem? Somewhere there is a poem! So this piece means a lot to me, often people would ask me how did I get into spoken word poetry, and I would say “ I started listening to Def Jam Poetry” - well this is the first poem I ever heard on that channel that got me hooooooked! Gina Loring literally drew me in with her words, and her free spirited style. She mixes tone, language, song and all I wanted to do was sit there and listen to every word she spoke.

This poem opens up the mind on what poetry is about, with the title ‘Somewhere there is a poem’ it positions the audience in a place where they now have to go and explore. Spoken word and poetry is a format in which people release emotions, thoughts, stories, dreams, fears. Gina Loring uses her gift, and takes the audience on a journey on the different issues that different people face across the globe. Her words tapped into my spirit, and made me crave more to be in-tuned with the circumstances around me.

I remember the night I heard this poem so well, after I heard this I started to listening to other poems. That same night words came to my head, words that rhymed with “Beer”. That night I wrote ‘Daddy’s sip of Beer’, and I stayed up and cried … because I confronted something and finally felt free x

Mina West x

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