The Guns Talk too Much | Rae Levine (Rae Poet)

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I was very blessed to have the chance to hear this spoken word piece a couple months back at an open mic event in London. Rae Levine known as @RaePoet tackles the issue of police brutality, that has fed the trending topic #BlackLivesMatter . What truly inspires me about this particular poem, is how Rae Levine uses thought provoking words to put you into a position where you can sympathise with the victims, but also make the listener (myself) identify as the victim. Personalising the gun “the gun talks too much” placing it as the role as the killer, perfectly shows how the misuse and abuse of it, is disrupting lives and which is not necessarily.

My favourite line in this piece is “400 people have been killed in the last 6 months alone, that's 400 Kings & Queens that never got to reach their thrones”. Black lives are being killed because certain individuals in the police force (not all but there are a collective), are not putting a value beside them - and this is a serious issue within America specifically, but also a theme across the world that needs a change. This poem cleverly highlights this issue, and I’m inspired how Rae Levine uses her talents to ignite a change in people.


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