Lupus | Lionheart

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He went there - delving into an illness that many struggle to explain. The way in which Lionheart depicts the condition of Lupus through his words is very intriguing, and I feel it is an amazing way to build awareness of this disease, as it is often not spoken about.

Before hearing this poem I was aware of this disease, but never really looked into it. What inspires me about this piece is how Lionheart uses his gift of spoken word to shed light on it, and expose it to his audience - (making me personally want to know more)

Within the poem he cleverly uses facts about the disease, and connects it to an emotion so that it is personified When your body’s not playing black on black crime, with white blood cells”, driving the listener to feel the pain through his words. It is truly a talent, when someone can use their words to make you crave to want to know more on a subject, and that is why this piece inspires me.

Mina West x

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