Let It Be | Owanari Briggs (Feat.First Lady)

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Owanari Briggs and First Lady come together to produce this captivating piece, that really just gives you the underlying truth about the gospel, which is to trust God and Let it be. This is a track from Owanari Briggs debut EP “Milk & Honey” https://owanaribriggs.bandcamp.com/album/milk-honey

What enticed me about this piece is how this collab clearly positions the Gospel in a cool and current manner. Forming words into metaphors to illustrate why believing and following Jesus way is so impactful in their lives. I love coming across lyricists who know how to take stories from the bible and use its meaning to share the gospel in a artistic and unique fashion, Owanari does this wonderfully with this piece and it is truly a piece that inspires and excites me.

Favourite line “leave marks in your ear like iron-mike tyson”

Mina West x

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