Not Even Sin | NIQ (Poem starts at 3.40 minutes)

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So I’ve been a little addicted to watching P4CM youtube video’s lately, there holds so much talent specifically used to bring glory to God’s name. But this particular piece caught me in a different way. At times we give sin too much power making it bigger than our maker, forgetting that God is the almighty and has power over it all. Knowing whose authority we are under you should know Not Even Sin could stop his plans. NIQ’s poetry beautifully lays out who our God is, and cleverly reminds us that at the end of the day - yes there are terrible happenings in this world, but the mind needs to approach it in a different angle knowing Gods way will triumph overall.

Her poetry preaches the gospel and brings glory to God – I’m excited to hear more of her stuff.

Mina West x

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